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The Amazon Giveaway platform serves as an efficient and quick way to use a prize giveaway for promoting products, events, and books sold through the online retailer.


How Do Amazon Giveaways Work?

Since 2015, the Amazon Giveaway platform’s most significant advantage is to provide a simple and easy way for your Amazon product launch. The rules are pre-written, the layout is set up, and you only have to make a few choices.


How to Choose your Prize

Users can offer free giveaways on Amazon for almost any product that Amazon sells and ships. You can choose from physical items Fulfilled by Amazon or shipped from and sold by, along with Kindle eBooks.

As a seller, you could give away any of your products, which is an excellent way for your Amazon product launch. Otherwise, choose an item that appeals to your target audience or suits your budget. Sellers can initiate the giveaway process through their professional selling account. In contrast, other users should go to the product they are giving away and click on “Set up a giveaway” at the bottom of the page.


How to Set Up

After you successfully choose your prize, there are some critical decisions you need to make, including the way you would like to award your prizes.

You can award a prize for every ‘x’ person who enters. Here ‘x’ represents any number you choose. For instance, you could choose to award a prize to every 40th person who enters or every 400th. You will have to choose from three available options.

You can award a prize to the first ‘y’ person who enters, where ‘y’ refers to a number you choose. For instance, the first ‘10’ people who enter will receive a free giveaway.


Amazon Giveaway for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

If you are familiar with the term Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon but don’t know what it means, here is a brief intro. Suppose you have an item or multiple items that you want to sell, but you don’t want to take care of the inventory or handle the shipping and packing operations. Amazon will do it for you when you ship your product(s) to sell to Amazon. The online retailer stores all your products in one of its warehouses and lists your products to sell. In case of a sale, it packages and ships the product on your behalf.


Setting Things Up

Product Selection: You can choose up to 50 items that add up to $5,000 in Amazon stock. Make sure you choose wisely.

Product Availability: You will have to purchase the item if it is not in stock for your Amazon product giveaway.

You can learn more about Amazon Giveaway guidelines here.


Final Thoughts

Acquiring new buyers and promoting products is every seller’s ultimate goal. If you want to know more about how you can offer free giveaways on Amazon, don’t hesitate to contact Rank AMZ. We would love to help you set up your first giveaway to acquire more buyers and grow your selling business.

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