Amazon Hijackers: How to Easily Remove these Pesky Thorns from Your Listing

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There is no denying that Amazon hijackers can prove to be very bothersome if they hijack your product listing. This article discusses some helpful to remove these hijackers from your listing.

Let us first look into what exactly is an Amazon listing hijacker.

Amazon hijackers are primarily other sellers on the Amazon platform who list their products under your Amazon listing. You will able to locate such hijackers by finding the area in your Amazon listing where it shows other purchasing options.

These hijackers endeavor to sell a phony version of your own product by making an exact copy. He or she can do this by replicating your product’s packaging. It is also possible that the product which the Amazon hijackers list under yours is completely different than what you are offering.

You can use these tactics to remove Amazon hijackers from your product listing.

Brand your Product

The first and best strategy you can employ to prevent Amazon hijackers from clinging onto your listing is to put your official logo or/ brand on your product. You should also make sure that the logo or brand is clearly visible on your Amazon listing as well as on the photographs of your product.

When you brand your product with unique packaging and design, you make it discernible from other products belonging to other Amazon sellers. It is extremely hard for hijackers to copy branded products. The majority of the Amazon sellers make the mistake of saving their money by avoiding branding the product they are trying to sell. However, doing that, they often fall victim to Amazon Hijacking.


Trademark your Product

It is important to keep in mind that Amazon will not be considering your product brand as proprietary simply if you just come up with a new brand name for your product listing. You should also trademark your particular brand. It is actually one of the most effective tactics for keeping hijackers away from your listing.

Registering your brand name as a legal trademark is a highly recommended way of safeguarding your Amazon listing and product. That provides you legal protection against an unlawful usage of your registered trademark. In addition, you also have the benefit of receiving extra protection against Amazon listing hijackers via the official Amazon Brand Registry.

Hence, be sure to apply for a trademark for your brand as soon as possible. You will find several videos on Youtube that can walk you through how to register for this trademark.

You can get your product brand and trademark registered in the United Kingdom in about 3-4 months. If you are selling your product in the United States market, you will have to wait for around 10-18 months for the trademark registration.

Even if your listing does succumb to a hijacker, you can depend on this registered trademark to remove them.


Directly Reach out to the Amazon Hijackers

If a hijacker manages to hijack your Amazon listing and you know who is responsible for this and have their contact details, it can be a wise tactic to reach out to them yourself by sending them an email. You should carry out any communication with your listing’s hijacker in a formal tone and refrain from making any serious threats.

Consider keeping a copy of this communication and make a note of the precise date when you began the correspondence with the Amazon hijacker.

You can easily find several templates of cease and desist letters (legal) online. You can customize the template to reflect the exact situation you are facing before sending it via email. Again, make sure you adopt a formal tone when writing this letter.

Communication of such nature often makes hijackers stop their unlawful activity and back away from your listing. However, if that does not happen, you will still have an official copy of the communication to pass along to Amazon support if required. The record of this communication will play a pivotal role in removing the hijackers from your product listing.



It is extremely important to remove any hijackers from your Amazon listing as soon as you discover them. To that end, if you seek a quality professional amazon hijacker removal service, be sure to reach out to us. We have ample experience in removing Amazon hijackers from listings and will be glad to help you out.


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