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The more, the merrier, it couldn’t be truer about getting Amazon reviews. This might sound bizarre to you, but word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools.  Social proof is something that becomes potent when it increases in strength. That is why an item with 3 stars and 300 reviews has more buyers than a product with 4.5 stars and ten reviews.

Put simply, the more reviews your product will have, the more convincing it will look. There is no denying that your product’s online visibility depends on the number of searches it has on a giant eCommerce platform like Amazon.  Therefore, determining how you can get reviews legally on Amazon is essential if you’re looking to boost your sells.

So how can you boost your ranking with professional reviews?  

 Take a look at the effective strategies and tips to get legitimate and authentic consumer reviews on Amazon. 

Effective Ways to Get Amazon Reviews Legally 

Luckily, “Amazon Way” entails some programs and methods that help Amazon facilitate buyers, leaving their reviews.   “Seller Methods,” however, has some smart strategies for the third-party sellers to seek reviews.  It is all because Amazon understands the importance of reviews for the products.

Here we have outlined a few ways to get more Amazon reviews for your product:

Make the Most of “Request a Review” Button 

“Request a Review” on Amazon is one of the features positioned in Seller Central’s Order.  It allows business owners to send a request for an automatic follow-up email to the buyers within a month of purchase. Although you can’t send more than one review request, you can increase review scoring by merging the first email Amazon sent post-purchase.

Of course, clicking the “Request a Review” button after each purchase can be overwhelming for you. But if you use Jungle Scout, you can request reviews in bulk for all Amazon orders.

Ask Feedback through a Follow-Up Email 

How about sending a personalized email to buyers and requesting reviews?

Although Amazon sends a generic email for feedback, you can contact buyers after they receive the product and ask for the reviews.  If you find this task time consuming, we recommend using websites like Feedback Express to help you send customized request emails. We also offer professional email review services as well.

Join Amazon’s Early Reviewer Program 

This platform within Amazon encourages buyers to give feedback for every new product they use.  Typically, a shopper receives an offer to give feedback from Amazon for a $5 gift card. All you need is to submit your item and agree with the policies of the programs to enroll.

Leverage Your Social Media 

Whether you’re a known brand or a startup, chances are your customers have started following you on your social media page.  This is one way to maximize the power of social media and ask your followers on Facebook and Instagram for feedback.  If they have bought your product, there is a chance that they will provide a positive and legitimate review on Amazon.


All in all, Customer reviews on Amazon serve as fuel to boost your sales and, most importantly, strengthen your credibility in the market.  And one of the best ways to seek help from the pros like “Rank AMZ,” which has an extensive network to help you find potential buyers. From giving you more control over your reviews placements to adding verified reviews, it can do pretty much everything.

Want to get more reviews now? Increase your sales and ranking with our professional customer reviews on Amazon.

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