How to Find the Best Suppliers for Amazon FBA Listings

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Make sure to find out the minimum order quantities before you decide on a supplier. Dropshipping services often require minimum order quantities, but they are not always required. Ordering in bulk can help you get a higher profit margin for each item. Manufacturers and wholesale suppliers also require minimum order quantities. These minimum order volumes should be compared by small- to medium-sized businesses when selecting a supplier.


Alibaba is a great site to search for new suppliers for your products. Before contacting suppliers, you can review them and do your research. You can also order samples of their products. This will allow you to choose the best suppliers. Alibaba product photos are not always representative of the final quality. Shipping costs are also important.

It is important to find a supplier that offers a money back guarantee when you source products from Alibaba. There are many advantages to sourcing products from Alibaba. However, it is important to be cautious about fake suppliers. Companies that claim to be manufacturing but are really just intermediaries should be avoided. Alibaba has many safeguards. Trade Assurance is one of these safeguards. It guarantees that you will receive your order. Gold suppliers are another safeguard.

Trade insurance and shipping authorizations are essential for suppliers. They should also be familiarized with Amazon‘s FBA requirements. It is important to search for the best suppliers for Amazon FBA. Although it’s the most well-known sourcing site, it is not the only place you should look for suppliers.

International Brands

Worldwide Brands is a great way to locate suppliers for your Amazon FBA listings. Worldwide Brands has a huge database of trusted suppliers that have been verified to be legitimate. You can also filter suppliers by type or category. After you have found the supplier you are looking for, you can simply fill out the form to get in touch with them.

You can also look into B2B wholesale markets to find reliable wholesale suppliers. These sites act as a bridge between wholesale buyers, suppliers, and manufacturers. The packaging of products often contains the contact information for manufacturers. You can also find the “manufactured” label on the product’s packaging.

You can also look for wholesalers within your local area to source products for your Amazon FBA business. Good wholesalers will have large inventories and offer competitive prices. Wholesalers who are able to produce custom-made products will be a good choice if you want to sell them.


SaleHoo is a great option if you’re looking for a supplier that can sell on Amazon. SaleHoo offers a large selection of wholesale products at affordable prices. It is a popular choice for Amazon sellers because it does not require a minimum order. They also update their listings regularly. You can also get assistance from other members through the community page.

It is simple to use the dashboard. The dashboard allows you to view important information like vendors, goods, training, and more. You can save suppliers for future reference. It is possible to build relationships with suppliers through meeting them in person and communicating with them. You can also keep track of all your messages.

You can verify the Better Business Bureau rating of a supplier when researching them. This site will check the BBB ratings of US suppliers. A scammer could use a domain name that is very new. You should look for suppliers who have a history of success.

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