How to build a brand story for Amazon Content Seller Websites

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You need great content and a motivated sales team to be a content seller. It is also important to understand what resonates with prospects. These are the fundamental elements of content marketing and can be applied to any business. This article will discuss how to implement this strategy, and how to get the most from your content marketing efforts.

Enhanced Brand Story

You must register your brand with Amazon Brand Registry before you can create a Brand Story. This information can be found under the Advertising tab of Seller Central. The Enhanced Product Descriptions section allows you to view the status of your content. This section allows you to visually showcase your product line. You can also add text to describe the benefits of your products. This will increase brand awareness.

You must ensure that your content is written professionally as a content seller. Your content must be checked for errors in grammar and spelling. Amazon may take up to seven business days to review your content. Your unique value propositions should be highlighted as shoppers tend to buy based on emotions. Your conversion rate will increase if you emphasize your benefits more than your features. You should also check out the Amazon reviews for your product, as well as those of your competition.

Product Description Enhanced

Amazon offers rich media content options to content sellers. These include Enhanced Product Description (EPD), Brand Content, and Customized Product Description (PCD). Although each option has its own price and availability, they all offer different benefits. An EPD, for example, can be used to expand the product listing page. Brand Content educates buyers about the history and values of a brand. This is especially useful for personal care product sellers, who often attract buyers who are passionate about a brand’s values.

Amazon’s optional feature, Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), can be added to any product description to describe the brand and its products. It has been proven to increase conversions by between 6% and 12%. You can choose from five pre-built templates, or you can create your own EBC with text and image modules.

Navigation Carousel

There are some things to remember when designing a navigation cartousel for your content-selling website. It is important that all users can access the navigation buttons from their keyboards. Your navigation controls should also be easily identifiable visually. People with different disabilities will be able to use the navigation controls in a natural way to navigate the content. You can also add a pause button to keep people from getting confused by the animations.

A navigation carousel that is well-designed and easy to use should be attractive enough to draw people’s attention. It should draw people’s attention, inform them about new products, and help them make a decision on whether or not to buy. You might consider using a slider to navigate the carousel. You should also find it easy to navigate with the left and right buttons.

Template for enhanced product description

Enhanced Product Description templates allow you to include more information about the product. This listing lets you include images, keywords, and brand stories. You can also include customer questions and comparison charts. Customers will be more likely to buy your product if you give them more information. This listing can increase your Amazon conversion rate.

First, choose a template. There are five options available, each with its own unique functionality. One template includes a brand logo and a product description. The other four templates allow for space for 2 header images, 4 feature images with text, and 4 additional images.

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