How to write a product title that fits the Amazon Character Limit

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You are not the only one who is curious about the Amazon product description’s character limit. Many sellers have trouble writing product descriptions that are sufficiently long for customers to understand. There are many tips that you can use to ensure your product descriptions meet the required character limit and get your products listed quickly. To get your readers’ attention, you can use bullet points or technical specifications to describe what you have.

Bullet points

Bullet points in Amazon product descriptions are a great way of highlighting the most important information about your product. Remember that the Amazon search algorithm favors relevancy over quantity when writing bullet points. Avoid using keywords in bullet points. Keep your bullet points short and focus on the most important benefits of your product.


There are many things you can do when you create an Amazon product listing. Your description should be keyword-rich. You’ll be able include as much information about your product as you want without exceeding the limit of characters. You can also make sure you use the correct keywords and structure the description to make the most out of the available space.


Amazon product descriptions can only contain 1,000 characters. This limit can be a disadvantage to some sellers but it can also help you get the best SERPs results. It is important to be as detailed as possible in your product descriptions. Here are some best practices to help you do this.


When writing Amazon product descriptions, you should be aware that there is a limit to the characters. The limit is 2,000 characters, including spaces. Use short sentences and make sure to highlight the most important information in bold. Avoid embellishing details too much.


Amazon has a limit of 2,000 characters for product descriptions. However, you can make use of this limitation to your advantage. Highlight key features and use storytelling. Keywords are also important in your description. This will optimize your advertising cost of sale.


Amazon’s bullet point limit is usually around 200 characters. This allows you to highlight key features and include keyphrases.

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