How to Use Amazon Seller Central Widgets

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A few widgets on the Amazon Seller Central homepage display information about sellers’ webstores. These widgets display information on orders, feedback, returns requests, and buyer messages. These widgets can be customized and moved or deleted. The Your Orders widget can be found on the left sidebar of the Seller Central page. It displays similar information as the Orders tab, but it is visible immediately to sellers.

Inventory management

Good inventory management is essential if you sell on Amazon. Incorrect inventory management can not only impact your customers’ experience but also your profits. An Amazon seller central inventory management software can help you properly manage your inventory and maximize your profits. This system allows you to keep track of your inventory and determine when you need to replenish it.

Price adjustments

Amazon sellers have the option to set the price at which they will purchase their product. Amazon will match or beat other sellers’ prices as long as the price is comparable to the advertised price. If a seller sells a product at too high a price, Amazon will immediately lower the price.


You need to be familiar with Amazon billing if you are an Amazon seller. Amazon can charge you significant fees, especially as your business grows. It is important to track your cash flow and ensure that you are paying your fees on time.


Amazon requires sellers to submit documents that correspond with their seller central accounts as part of its seller central verification process. Incorrect information or documents could result in rejection. Amazon can suspend or ban sellers that do not comply with its requirements in certain cases. Sellers should prepare well in advance to avoid such a situation. Verification can take several weeks or even months.

Account health

You can see a summary of your account’s health on the Amazon seller Central account. This page includes metrics such as Order Defect Rate and A-to-Z Guarantee claim. It also shows shipping performance. Amazon can take action if any of these metrics is poor. This could include blocking your account, requesting an Action Plan, or even suspending your account.

Amazon Legal Entity

Establishing a legal entity is the first step to creating an Amazon business. This will protect you from being personally liable in any debts or liability cases. You can concentrate on growing and improving your business by setting up an entity. You can also streamline your tax payments by setting up a legal entity. Many recommend creating an LLC or corporation based in the United States.

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