Amazon Review Trader – How to Make Money

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You should be familiar with the features offered by Amazon review trading sites before you sign up. These websites allow you to view a buyer’s profile and see how many positive reviews he/she has. You can choose a buyer with many positive reviews. These are just a few examples.


An Amazon review trader can increase visibility for your products, and help you sell more. Register on a review trading website to start receiving purchase requests. These requests will be approved automatically by some sites, while others you can accept or reject them. However, getting more product reviews is the best way increase sales.

One of the major advantages of using a Amazon review trading website is that you can get a wider range of products at lower prices. You will also receive emails with special offers from the site. Up to ten products can be applied for at once and you will receive discounts ranging from 30% to 90% on the original price.

Get Deal! Go! Go!

Deal Go is a great resource for anyone looking to sell products on Amazon. Go! is a website that provides millions of Amazon coupons and discounts. The membership program allows members to save up to 99% on their purchases and lets them buy as many as 10 products immediately. Sign up to receive 2,000 points as a bonus! This site is a great resource for sellers looking for reviews on their products.


Vipon is one the most well-known and oldest Amazon review trading sites. You can list products to review and get up to 20 samples. It is highly popular and has lots of traffic. Vipon offers many opportunities to make money. Not all of these are legit.

Vipon is different from other review sites. You can get discounts on Amazon products. You can also get free products and earn money by signing up for deals. You must review the products to be eligible for the deals.


Snagshout offers Amazon customers discounts in exchange for product reviews. Users are issued coupons that can be used on Amazon to redeem for discounts. Snagshout can be used by merchants to launch promotions to promote their products. Merchants can also use the system to increase their product reviews, and convert more customers.

Snagshout provides its users with a high-quality shopping experience. Its excellent design and structure make it easy to enjoy the shopping experience. You can also post reviews on other social media sites like Reddit or YouTube.

Send a Jump

Jump Send is a great place to begin if you’re interested in becoming an Amazon review Trader. Register for free on the site and you will receive notifications emails with discounts. You can also view the profile of potential buyers. You can also use coupons and discounts to get people to purchase your products. You can also choose to have your email delivered to a specific customer or niche.

Jump Send also allows you to increase your product’s Amazon reviews. Jump Send also offers discounts that can be as low as 10c. The website often has books for sale and offers PDF downloads. Jump Send offers a variety of marketing tools including automated email campaigns and product boosting campaigns. You can also use Jump Send’s keyword target searches.

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