What is Amazon’s Best Sellers List (Amazon Bestsellers List)?

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You need to understand the factors that determine Amazon’s top seller list. Amazon’s Best Sellers rank is determined by several factors. Amazon’s formula is different from traditional sales rankings. It considers sales and not customer reviews or the price of the product.


Amazon’s best-selling products are important to your success. There are many ways to price your products. It is important to understand what each item should cost and to adhere to the market policies. There are two types of prices available: the list price and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

First, Amazon adjusts its prices automatically. It can make up to 2.5 million changes per day. Amazon’s prices are affected by market forces. You may not sell as many units if your products are priced too high or low.


No matter which ranking system you use, it is important to be aware of Recency of Amazon Best Sellers (BSR). This metric measures the product’s sales within a given time frame. This can be an effective tool to improve the performance of your product. When searching for a product, people typically look at the top-selling products in that category. High BSR is an indication that the product has been selling more than its competition.

Amazon uses an algorithm that determines which products are the best-selling. This algorithm is different from the traditional ranking system. It focuses more on recency than price. A product may be number 1 on Amazon UK, but not Australia, even if it has been sold more.

Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited offers free e-books from some of the best authors online. This service offers titles that are published on a regular schedule. These titles often include new releases. The Top 100 Hot New Kindle Books is a popular list of recent releases. Kindle Unlimited usually makes available fifty-six percent of bestsellers. Look for the KU stripe at the cover to determine if a book qualifies. Amazon editors hand-pick Kindle Unlimited’s rotating selection of approximately 3,000 Kindle ebooks.

Another benefit of Kindle Unlimited is its ease-of-use. It works seamlessly with Kindle devices as well as the Amazon website. You can check out multiple books at one time, then return them anytime without any late fees. You can also borrow multiple books at once without the need to purchase them.

Amazon‘s Choice badge

You must sell high-quality products and offer great customer service to earn the Amazon Choice badge. Also, you should be aware of your inventory levels. You will lose your chance of earning the badge if your inventory is constantly out of stock. Your customers’ return rates will also impact your chances of earning this badge. To earn the badge, it is important to have a low return rate.

Modern consumers are very particular about speed of delivery. 41% of consumers are willing to pay more for next day delivery. Amazon Prime guarantees same-day delivery. This guarantees faster delivery which increases customer satisfaction. Amazon will take into account the speed of shipping if you’re an Amazon seller when granting the Choice badge to products.

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