How to use an Amazon sales estimator

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Many tools are available online to help you predict and understand Amazon sales. These tools can be free or paid. It is important to choose the right tool for you. These tools are especially useful for Amazon sellers. These tools allow you to compare sellers. These results can help you identify the market leader.

Amazon’s sales estimator can help you determine the potential revenue of your product. These tools can help you identify high-profit products and low-margin items. These tools should be used in conjunction with RepricerExpress to maximize your profits. These tools offer many useful features and you can get a 15-day free trial.

Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher can help you determine how much you could make selling your product on Amazon. It uses algorithms to calculate your revenue and give you an accurate representation. It avoids duplicate content by using canonical links and displays accurate product rankings. You can also access product listings via your dashboard. It also allows you to enable quick links.

Although the Unicorn Smasher can be downloaded for free, it has its limitations. The tool can be useful for new sellers but it can underestimate sales and revenue. It is useful for beginners, but not for deep product research. It does not keep track of sales by your competitors.


HelloProfit, an Amazon sales estimator, pulls data about sales, products, ASINs and merchant accounts. This data allows you to calculate profit margin, ROI, as well as other important business metrics. You can also access live data from Amazon, which will pull it in whenever it becomes available.

HelloProfit analyses sales data over the past two years to compare your products with their variations in order to calculate ROI. To determine whether you should concentrate on one product or a group of products, you can compare your ROI, individual product growth and profit. The tool also calculates your BSR, tracks up to 30 keywords per variation, and provides a detailed report.


The Helium10 Amazon sales estimater is a free tool that will help you estimate the price of your products on Amazon. You can access millions of products across different categories. You just need to enter the product’s Amazon Marketplace number, Best Sellers rank, and product category. The tool will calculate your sale amount and allow you to estimate how much you can sell within a certain time.

You can use the free Helium 10 tool for 20 product research and reverse ASIN searches. You can also use the free listing tool to help you search keywords. Helium 10 features are also far more comprehensive than Jungle Scout’s.

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