How to Use Amazon Search Analytics To Improve Your Brand Visibility on Amazon

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Amazon search analytics can give you valuable insights into customer search behaviour if you sell a product or service. It is possible to see how often a keyword or category appears in Amazon’s search results. It is also possible to see which categories or regions your products and services are featured in.

Exploring product opportunities

Amazon Search Analytics Product Opportunity Explorer lets you search for new products. The tool will search for products that match your keywords by entering them. The average selling price of each product will be displayed. This is also available for the past quarter. Product Opportunity Explorer will give you an estimate of your sales potential.

The Product Opportunity Explorer is an invaluable tool that can help you identify which Amazon items are most profitable. This tool is especially useful for new sellers trying to navigate Amazon’s marketplace. You can make mistakes that could lead to a decrease in your profit margins, or worse, even a bankruptcy. Opportunity Explorer will help you find high-demand items and lower your competition.

Find frequency rank

You can see a complete overview of search queries that your customers are using on Amazon by looking at the Amazon search frequency rank (SFR). It displays how frequently a search term is entered and the top three clicked products. It will also show you your Click Share or Conversion Share. You can download the SFR data and send it in Excel or CSV.

It is a great way to find high-converting keywords. It gives you a guideline for keywords that are most likely to lead to high conversion rates and sales. You can use it to find brands with high conversion rates and increase your sales performance.

Brand share

Amazon’s Search Query Performance Dashboard, and Brand Share reports allow you to view and analyze search data. These reports provide insight into the top search terms and query volumes for both organic keywords and paid keywords. The dashboard displays clicks, add to-cart and purchase statistics. The Brand Search Report shows a graphic representation of how many people have searched for specific brands or products.

Amazon Brand Analytics helps you to better understand your audience and competitors. This brand analytics tool will reveal which keywords are most commonly used and which ASINs have the highest conversion rates. You can also view keyword trends by season and time.

All query impressions count as brand share

For analyzing a brand’s performance on Amazon, the key metric is brand share. It is a measure of how well a brand ranks in search results based on how many times its ASIN appears. It is an important tool to improve overall visibility by accounting for multiple search terms.

Analytics can also provide information about the customer behavior on Amazon. You can use the brand share tool to find out how often your product has been searched on Amazon. It also shows you which competitors are getting the most attention. This information can be used to optimize your ads for the SERP.

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