How to Manage Amazon Seller Feedback

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It is best to be proactive about managing seller feedback. You can monitor your performance and remove negative feedback to maintain a healthy feedback level. These are some suggestions to help you manage feedback. Apologise if you get negative feedback and keep track of and remove any unsuitable or unfair feedback.

Manage your seller feedback

It can be difficult to manage your Amazon seller feedback. However, it is important to follow-up on any negative feedback and resolve them in a civil way. You can remove negative feedback from Amazon’s seller feedback system, but you need to be proactive. To have negative feedback removed, you must follow up within 60 days.

Amazon’s seller feedback system monitors feedback and gives it a score. Your score is a measure of the positive and negative feedback received over a certain period. The score can be calculated for a 30-day period, 90-day period, 365-day or lifetime. This score shows how many buyers have left positive feedback. Monitor your seller feedback score to see how much of your positive feedback you receive on a daily basis, weekly or monthly basis. Only positive feedback that is four- or five stars is counted. Negative feedback is not included.

Monitor your performance

To maintain the highest seller performance, it is important to be familiar with the various metrics Amazon uses in order to measure your overall business performance. These metrics are determined by your compliance with Amazon’s policies. These standards may not be met and you could have trouble selling on Amazon. Amazon may suspend or cancel your selling privileges.

It is easy to monitor your Amazon seller performance. Amazon provides a dashboard which allows you to see your account’s performance metrics. These metrics show various aspects of the selling process. They include the number of orders received and the performance of product ratings. Monitoring your performance can help you identify issues and concerns that could be affecting your sales and profitability.

Apologizing for negative feedback

You can reduce the negative Amazon seller feedback by responding to the customer. If you respond well, it will demonstrate to the customer that your sympathies are with them and that you are open to addressing their concerns. As compensation, the buyer can be given a $10 Amazon gift certificate.

If the review is untrue or doesn’t follow Amazon’s guidelines, Amazon will likely remove negative feedback from sellers. If you are unable to get the customer’s negative feedback removed, you might consider removing it.

Negative feedback can be removed

You can request removal of negative feedback from sellers (TAG3). But, you should follow these best practices before you do this. Limit the amount of negative feedback that you receive. Respond promptly to any negative feedback. After you have responded to a buyer’s feedback in good time, you can ask for the feedback to be deleted. You can remove feedback easily by submitting a request at Amazon seller support.

Although it is simple to remove negative feedback from Amazon, it can be difficult. To remove negative feedback on Amazon, you only need to pay less than 1% ODR. The feedback must not be personal. You cannot include personal information such as full names or phone numbers in your reviews. You can however write product reviews. You can’t remove reviews that mention customer service.

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