How to Increase Your Brand Reputation via Amazon Search Engine

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Amazon’s search engine offers a large product and keyword list. It can draw keyword searches across the entire funnel, including high-funnel awareness search to very specific long-tail keywords. The number of products that you have sold limits the amount of optimized content that you can create. This restricts your ability to create targeted content for your Amazon product listings.

Keyword research

You need to know what terms your customers use to search for products on Amazon in order to increase sales. The keyword search tool allows you to identify the keywords most frequently searched on Amazon. It will also display the competition for these keywords. When there are more people using a keyword, the competition is higher.

Remember that Amazon has many global marketplaces. Your keywords must be relevant to each country where you plan to sell your product. It is crucial to do keyword research on the U.K. as well as Canadian markets if you want to sell dog food in the United States. These markets are dominated by English-speaking nations, with regional variations in terms.

Reputation for your brand

Amazon’s search algorithm was designed to make searching easy for consumers. It is focused on keywords, sales conversions and customer reviews. It also considers delivery times and performance history to deliver accurate search results. Amazon is very concerned about brand reputation. There are many ways to increase your brand’s reputation on Amazon.

Conversion rate

Ecommerce sellers should consider the conversion rate of their Amazon search engine listing. One study found that Amazon’s conversion rates are 22 times higher than those of its top competitors. Prime members have a conversion rate of 74% while non-Prime users only get 13%. Comparatively, conversion rates for major online retailers range from 6% to 3.32%.

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of visitors who complete an action such as buying a product. This is calculated by adding the total number visitors to the number of sales. High conversion rates indicate that most visitors have already decided to buy.

Click-through rate

If you want to see significant sales growth, you will want to increase your CTR on Amazon search engine campaigns. CTR should be around 0.5%. Anything below that is considered poor. A CTR of 2% is acceptable for 1,000 impressions and three clicks.

Your CTR is a measure of how likely people are to click on your ads. Focusing on keywords that are relevant to your audience can help increase your CTR. Amazon will also show you which keywords bring in the most traffic. Your ad campaign will cost less if you increase your CTR.

Amazon’s ranking algorithm

Rumours and speculation aside, there is not any definitive evidence that Amazon’s ranking algorithm has changed. Amazon did not announce the algorithm changes nor have they revealed the exact number of affected sellers or product types. The impact of PPC campaigns is unknown.

The algorithm’s core principle remains unchanged: it strives to provide the best possible shopping experience. It takes into account product performance, sales conversions, reviews, and delivery times, among other factors. It takes into consideration many factors when determining the product’s rank.

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