How to Conduct Product Research on Amazon

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Research is an important part of starting a business. It is difficult to find profitable products. It takes time and effort. This research can be done in many ways. You can use Google Trends, Viral launch, Amazon Bestsellers Page, AliExpress and many other methods. These methods can help you find profitable products for Amazon.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch offers many features that will help you decide which products to sell on Amazon. Viral Launch’s Keyword Research Tool, for instance, allows you to find out how popular keywords are used by your competition. It can also be used to track and monitor reviews and prices of competitors. It can be used to determine how many people are looking for a product and their average price.

Viral Launch offers a wide range of Amazon products and categories. It integrates with Amazon to provide you with real-time insight. It also gives you an estimate of how much you can make on a product. Viral Launch can be used to determine how much capital is required before you can sell.

Google Trends

Google Trends offers keyword statistics that can be very useful for specific topics. This data can be used to help you plan quarterly marketing strategies, find niche markets, analyze competitors, and create marketing plans. Google Trends is the first place to go for Amazon product research. Next, enter the keyword you are looking for into the search box.

You will see the most popular searches for your keyword. You can also refine your search by keyword. You can also search for keywords that are popular in a specific industry. You can search for terms that relate to taxes, for example, if your profession is accounting.

Amazon Bestsellers Page

Amazon’s bestsellers page allows you to see the best-selling products in any category. It features over 40 product categories and is updated every hour. These categories include electronics, personal care and beauty, electronics, home, kitchen, and sports and outdoor. The Amazon Bestsellers page will help you identify the best-selling products for your business and personal use.

Before you sell on Amazon, make sure to research the most popular products. This will allow you to identify the best-selling products. To refine your search, you can use the tabs at top of page. Amazon bestsellers lists are a great resource when choosing gifts for loved ones.


AliExpress is a great option for expanding your product research beyond Amazon. AliExpress acts as an intermediary between sellers and buyers around the globe. AliExpress can be used to sell products in your country. Many sellers already have an Amazon account. AliExpress is based out of China so shipping times can be longer than Amazon. You have the option to choose ePacket shipping. This is quicker than Amazon Prime but shipping times can take up to three weeks.

To find the most popular products, you can also use AliExpress’s product discovery tools. You can try some of these tools free of charge before you commit to one. Dropship Center allows you to search for and analyze top-selling products on AliExpress. You can also sort products based on sales figures or other performance metrics.

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