How to Become an Amazon Professional Seller

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You must be familiar with the pros and cons of selling on Amazon. It is important to understand the costs, pros and cons of Onpage optimization and Competing against top sellers. These aspects will help you to start your Amazon career confidently. Amazon offers many perks to its customers, in addition to the many benefits of an online business. You will also enjoy excellent customer service and return policies. There are some costs associated with selling on Amazon. You will need to pay fulfilment and storage fees. These fees are based on the product’s weight, dimensions and size. When choosing a shipping method, you should consider shipping costs. Amazon will provide a tracking number once you have chosen your shipping method and the item dimensions.


You can use advanced tools to help manage your Amazon business as a professional seller. Subscription fees will apply. The number of listings you have will determine the fees. A professional seller plan might not be affordable if you sell less than 40 products per month. You may be able to change to individual seller status in these situations. You can do this through your account settings. This must be done before your plan expires.

Professional sellers have access to tools that can help them increase their sales. Sponsored Products, Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per Click allow you to target customers based on their keywords and budget. These tools can help increase visibility and sales. Access reports can be accessed that will help you improve your business.


You need to be aware of all costs associated with selling your products on Amazon. These costs include Amazon fees and inventory purchases. These costs are often overlooked by new sellers. These costs can be reduced in a few ways. You can reduce these costs by focusing on visibility, conversions, fulfillment.

If you are just starting out, it is a good idea to start with an individual plan. This plan is best for people with limited inventory or no sales history. The individual plan costs $0.99 per item, so you can save money in the first few months.

Optimization on-page

On-page optimization should be a part your Amazon marketing strategy. This technique can increase your visibility and click-through rates. Optimize your product description to include relevant information about your product. It will improve the chances of your product appearing in search results.

Understanding the Amazon A9 algorithm is the first step to optimizing your listings. This algorithm determines which products will be displayed at the top of search results. Potential buyers won’t see your product if it doesn’t appear in the top three listings. Some shoppers won’t even look beyond the first three listings.

Compete with the top sellers

Amazon is a marketplace where you need to know how to compete against the best sellers. This will help you improve your best seller rank and increase your chances of appearing in searches. Your listing title is the most important thing you should focus on. Your title should contain keywords that will improve your SEO. Your title can only contain 500 characters, so be careful when choosing your words.

Another factor that influences the purchase decision is price. While it is ideal to offer your products at a lower price than those of your competitors, it is still important to make a profit. Look at the pricing history of other sellers to ensure you are charging competitive prices. Amazon sellers often use repricing software in order to manage their prices.

Selling on Amazon: Rules

You need to be familiar with the rules of selling on Amazon. These rules can vary from one product to another. Amazon is strict about counterfeit products, and other prohibited items. These rules will be important to follow. Cutting corners could cause more harm than good.

You must first create a product/service that people want. You must ensure that your customers enjoy purchasing the product you sell on Amazon. Your customers will move to a competitor’s product if you sell a low-quality product. You can sell your product in many ways if it is of high quality.

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