How E-Commerce Is Getting It Wrong

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Create innovative products using well-sourced raw materials. Engaging social media influencers to showcase your latest product launch. Utilizing data to provide an outstanding web and app experience. These are the kind of things that online retailers imagine when they are launching an enterprise. These are the exciting aspects of the e-commerce industry, but they’re just one aspect of.

The other half is in my field of expertise of logistics and supply chain. This is the everyday every day task of taking all the ideas people imagine, placing them in boxes and then delivering them to customers. While many people consider this part of the thing as a given, it ought to be at the top of the mind. If you consider it, there are only two main ways that customers engage with your brand’s image The fun stuff for example, making use of a product and the delivery and shopping experience.

It is easy to understand what I am talking about by looking through one-star reviews on Although this is somewhat of a hot topic but one thing is for certain when a product arrives damaged or in a bad state that will result in a large number of reviews with one star ratings. It only takes just a handful of one-star reviews to bring a product down the list of recommended products which means it is likely to be away from consideration by most buyers. Thus, delivery is an important factor. It’s true.

Ideally, you want to ensure that your item will arrive at the home of your customer perfect. It shouldn’t be wet, damaged or late or suffer from any of the other issues; anything else than that can seriously affect the experience of your customers. This is fulfillment for e-commerce and it must be done right.

What are the best ways to make sure you get the right results? Although hiring a logistics professional is the best option however, it’s helpful to be aware of the various considerations that go into. Here are some things you need to consider when it comes to fulfillment and delivery.


To Amazon or Not?

The best aspect of Amazon is it’s Amazon. If you’re using Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program, your item will be delivered (and the best part is that it’ll come) with an Amazon box bearing Amazon branding, and delivered through one of the Amazon driver. It’s an acceptable experience in some cases however it’s similar to fast food. You’re aware of what you’re getting, however you’re probably not going to love it.


Size and Shape

Understanding the packaging for e-commerce begins with knowing what’s not traditional packaging. In large-box stores, you’ll want to opt to the shelves and use vibrant colors. The outside is what is important. It should pop from the exterior. When it comes to e-commerce it’s that way: the interior is the first thing to be addressed. It is important to ensure that the packaging is the correct size for your product and when it’s pulled out, you will get the best unboxing experience. Remember that you can add additional features to make your experience memorable for your customers -for e.g. You can include samples, inserts, extra materials, and much more. You’re in a lot of control over your experience and must take advantage of this.


Hard and Fast

When a package is placed on a shelf at the big-box store the odds are that it’s been used by five to 10 people. Maximum. However, an e-commerce product could be in the fingers of 25 to 30 individuals. Therefore, the packaging’s exterior needs to be sturdy. If the product is shipped to an environment that is wet then that should be taken into account too. It’s important to work with partners who are aware of all this, and ensure that your clients receive the item in an unharmed perfect condition.


Delivery Services Aren’t Equal

Although you’ve probably been familiar with the majority of major delivery companies however, you may not know that each one has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Certain are best suited for heavy products, while others are more suitable for less fragile products. Some are faster, whereas others offer greater reach. For instance, the United States Postal Service, for example is the sole carrier that delivers to every home every day, making it perfect for deliveries to remote areas. It is likely that there will be the perfect delivery service for your items and you must consult with a logistics professional to find out who it is.

The way that consumers are treated by the product is an crucial aspect of how they feel about it. In certain instances like Apple the experience could greatly improve the pleasure that the item provides. However, in other cases, it could be harmful and even problematic. When you are responsible for this vital aspect of branding your own, or you ensure that an expert partner is employed to assist your brand in every aspect of it It is likely that you should put at least a little of your attention on the underlying aspects of the e-commerce. It’s too crucial to leave out.


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