E-commerce 101: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business

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The internet has opened up numerous opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers and earn money. In the palm of our hand our phones enable us to market our products in front of an online crowd and possibly earn a profit. The growth and expansion of e-commerce has put this model of business in the eye of many who want at ways “leave the rat race”, “live life on their terms” and so on.

If you’re reading this article and you’re looking to sell products on e-commerce on the internet this article is perfect ideal for you. You’re about to enter the world of e-commerce and, while it’s thrilling and exciting, you need to take care to make sure you don’t be a victim of loss.

I’ve been on this path from a variety of angles , and my intention is to impart my lessons learned the difficult way in order to guide you on the least resistance path and avoid making the same mistakes I’ve made.

Here are the things that I would have known prior to starting my e-commerce company:


Dropshipping is a difficult process


What is dropshipping you asking? This is an online-based model in which you don’t have to hold inventory. When a sale occurs, you purchase the product from the supplier and then direct ship the product to the buyer. This isn’t a simple approach to introduce yourself to the world of e-commerce due to the many moving components. It is essential to set up your own online shop, locate items, promote your business, and offer customers with support.

This experience of a baptism of fire in the world of online shopping isn’t meant for the weak-minded or lazy entrepreneurs because you must master multiple capabilities simultaneously and fast. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I could be able to skip this method entirely and saved plenty of dollars. But I believe that dropping shipping served me well and helped me complete an excellent training.


People are looking for speedy shipping


Now, you’ve completed the first sale through your online store Your product is now on its way to the buyer. What now? Get ready to put on the hat of customer service. It is an alert. Your customers will be contacting you to ask where their products are. Why? Because they’ve been spoiled through the Amazon Prime Two-Day Delivery.

The bad news is that your customers will be expecting the same options for shipping along with the same speed and efficiency as Amazon.


Be ready to take on Amazon


Here’s where the things become exciting. If you’re dropshipping products to the US specifically then your US customers are bound to be able to access the Amazon account. With that you’re facing a difficult fight. It’s the battle for trust. The majority of people prefer to believe in Amazon instead of spending their hard-earned cash on an item from an online store they’ve never ever heard of. People are looking for comfort.

It’s a challenge! What can you do to help is certain aspects such as the availability of a 24 hour helpline available on your website to offer service and ease to those contemplating purchasing from your site. This alone will help boost the conversion rate.


If you’re not able to beat them, join them.


Amazon FBA. If you’ve not heard of the term , and you’re looking to establish an online store then go to Google and begin researching. Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) can be described as an online e-commerce model that lets you label your product white and send your product directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers. You can also create an account and place your item in front of millions of buyers on Amazon.

Additionally you can also take advantage of Amazon’s speedy shipping options, and, when a sale is made, Amazon picks, packs and delivers your item to the buyer. You basically join forces with the largest online retailer around the globe, using their multi-billion-dollar logistics services and they handle the customer’s needs.

I’d like to have gone straight to this model right from the beginning. According to me, this model of e-commerce has the least risk and could aid you in maximizing your earnings potential, if you choose the right products to sell. To conclude, working involved in the field of e-commerce requires a particular mentality. It is essential to be business-oriented and put profits at the center of each move you make.

Remember that when selling an item online, there are many costs to get the product into your customer the door. Cost of unit, advertising budget shipping costs, and so on. Thus, the purpose in the game is that you create something called “leftover”. If you eliminate all of your expenses it is important to leave money over, that can be referred to as profit. If you do that If you partner with Amazon You could soon start experiencing some amazing sales figures because Amazon is an absolute giant!

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