Amazon Acronyms- What Does it Mean?

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Amazon is associated with many acronyms. These acronyms include Amazon product identifier (or Cost-per-click basis), Sponsored brands, Dropshipping, and Sponsored brands. These terms will allow you to make the most out of your Amazon business. These acronyms are easy to learn. These terms are used frequently by Amazon employees and business owners.

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You’ve likely come across many acronyms and terms if you’re just starting to sell on Amazon. These terms and phrases can be confusing, regardless of whether you are an experienced seller or a newcomer to the market. We’ll be explaining the meanings of some of the most commonly used acronyms by Amazon in this article.

EARN stands for European Article Number. This 13-digit code is used to identify products on Amazon. EBR stands for Enhanced Brand Content. This is a section on a product detail page that includes graphics. It has been replaced by A+ Content. GTIN is a 14-digit code that uniquely identifies products. Hazardous materials, which are highly toxic or flammable items, must be treated with extreme care. Another acronym is Featured offer and lost buy box, which are metrics used by Amazon analytics dashboards.

Sponsored Brands

Amazon Sponsored Brands can help you increase sales and brand awareness. These ads can be prominently displayed in search results. They can also feature multiple products. Amazon allows you promote up to three products through Sponsored Brands. These ads can be used by sellers and vendors who are part of Amazon’s Brand Registry.

The sponsored brand ads are displayed in search results that appear above and below the organic results. Clicking these ads will take you to Amazon’s product detail page.


You may find it difficult to understand the various acronyms and abbreviations used on Amazon Marketplace. While many of these acronyms are general in commerce and finance, others refer to Amazon’s products and features. This ultimate Amazon seller’s acronym directory is an excellent resource for increasing your sales via advertising.

Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) is one of these acronyms. It allows you to replace the product description in a listing. This format is available only for Seller Central products. It provides additional information, including images. You should also be familiar with EDI (or Electronic Document Exchange), which is an Amazon online tool that eliminates human error when entering data manually. EDI helps to ensure that content is accurate and traceable. Amazon uses Fulfillment Center (FC), a warehouse to fulfill orders.


Dropshipping products on Amazon is a great way of making a profit. It is important to look for products that are in high demand and have low competition. It is important to identify the types and categories of products that you are looking for and to do research on them. This research can be done with many tools. You don’t have to search for popular products. You can also research niche products that might be of interest. You might feel tempted to make high-maintenance products yourself but it’s better to work with a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping on Amazon requires that you are aware of the stock levels of your supplier. This is vital because Amazon may replace your listings if there are no stock items. To be in touch with your dropshipping supplier, it is important to know their stock levels.

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